I’m Nick. My mother named me Nicholas but let’s be real, who has time for 3 syllables. I’m 21, and like any other 21 year-old; I like to drink. Beware: when I drink I like to go really in-depth with just about any conversation. I skipped out on the college experience. At the moment, I’m really trying to connect with as many people as possible to keep me motivated. Success to me is something very simple; happiness. I love being outdoors. I will take any opportunity that I can get to see this wonderful world, and meet as many different kinds of people as I can. I work for an airline, so the free flights are nice; but it’s your average 9-5. I want to broaden my perspective, and go to places outside of my comfort zone. An open mind is the key to an open heart. My passion is photography, and I hope to someday make a living off of that alone. For now, I just go with what I have and try to stay humble. Thanks for looking, and I hope to share many of my crazy moments and adventures.

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