“We Don’t Need Feminism” or “Accountability”

Fifth grade


My first monumental Moment of Objectification

Three boys on the playground swings at recess

One whispers to his companions

“Damn Katie has got a nice ass”

Such vulgar words for a ten-year- old

Seventh grade


Another boy from those swings

Wants to see my new bra

Felt me up on the bus

Such agile hands for a thirteen-year- old

High school freshman


Too many Moments of Objectification

Ass grabbed in the hallway

Big Booty Katie as my contact name in their phone

The leering glances

And now I’m a dirty fucking slut

Such hypocrisy for such carnal creatures

High school sophomore


Someone lets me drive their car

I have been drinking

I get pulled over and arrested

“I thought if I let her drive she’d give me a blow job”

I don’t remember agreeing to this

Such a fool to think that a bit of fun and freedom wouldn’t require a sexual transaction

High school graduate


My sister

A Freshman

A text from my former classmate after seeing her

“I guess all Heflins must have nice asses”

Such little effort to degrade my baby sister

College freshman


A pill and a party

That’s it

I might have slept with you willingly

Had you gotten to know my spirit

You explored other parts

Did you know my name

Such laziness when we could have just talked

Twenty three years old

A club in Madrid

It takes only minutes to suggest a foursome

And disappear when denied

Such sudden disinterest

Our bodies have never been our own

They have been a playground from the beginning

KMH – 05/03/2017