how’s my font

If I put these words in front of half naked girls, would you read them? Will you comment meaningless nonsense to compliment my sexy, or beautiful, or round, or tight, or plump font? When in reality, you hate it. In reality, the text appears happy but lives its life on a screen. It’s all just a competition to see whose computer gave birth to the most seductive style. Something that the buyer has no control over. Quit killing culture. Why do the masses despise, but like? If that’s what you like; I hope you hate this. My font hasn’t caked on the makeup. My font isn’t always smiling. My font has scars. Or tears. I hope you scroll past and turn the wheel.  Maybe if you click like when you hate, you’ll click hate but like this? If you follow, allow my point to punch and comment how much you hate this post.