READ: if you dont like me

Lost sight of the words

The fire that was in me died

grandpa stayed up too late

Couldn’t go outside

to smoke

When I wanted to

haven’t picked up my pen

in weeks

I’ve been keeping busy

no time to waste

over distaste

If I’m hated.

honestly I

Couldn’t be more pleased

You can see yourself out

I don’t have time

For this shit anymore

Forgetting false opinions

from fakers who don’t sin

How many false friends

Spread fallacies

why never when

they look upon my face

How many smiles

Are worn to disguise?

The hatred

My heart is aching

But it’s not

I’m not worried

About you twats

I hardly give you

A second thought

I’m only writing

So you can see

You say you saw

What I thought

My heart is aching

but its not.