Who am I?

What do I do?

I’m Blake. I’m twenty two. On the inside I’m an old man on the cusp of dementia. I work more often then I might like, but fuck that’s life. Two semesters of university was more than enough for me. Since my departure from institutionalized education my focus has shifted to cultivating personal growth: mental, emotional, and physical alchemy. I feel a strong connection to nature, I backpack, mountain bike, fish, and even just sit in the shade. I’ll still go outside on rainy days. I’m the second child of four. My parents are not divorced. I’m a photographer and a self proclaimed lightroom wizard. Some say I’m free-spirited, but I prefer untethered. I believe the soul lives on forever. The point I’m trying to make: is I’m a million things more than what I do for my day job.