“Monster” ~KMH~

It happens all the time

A lack of empathy, maybe

You hear of my mania

You say

Don’t watch this movie

It has a sad ending

But I am already sad

You speak to me with apprehension

Like one word may send me into a psychotic fit

Or one word may break me

But I am already broken

You can’t look me in the eye

When you speak to me

Let me ease your oh so troubled mind

I am not contagious

The way you look at me

Bleeds into my nightmares

I am Alien


Not of Earthly substance

Contaminated, polluted


You have no effect on me

You are not that important

A brief afterthought in my anecdote

But then you intertwine with all of the others

Who have examined me

With the same frightened eyes

You disappear among the threads

And there are no tangles in these elegant strands

Each are meticulously woven together

Until they create their intricate masterpiece

The one that frightens me so

A cold quilt of those knowing eyes

And together

My own monster is forged from the fabric



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